‘Iliahi – Hawaiian Sandalwood

Hawaiian sandalwood, `iliahi (Hawaii Santalum sp.),  has attained near mythic status in world cultures that value sandalwood. In Chinese culture, for example, which regards sandalwood with awe and reverence, the Hawaiian islands are know as “Tan Heurng San” or the “Sandalwood Mountains.” This is due to Hawaii’s fame for the quality of its sandalwoods and their soft note fragrances. In Hindu and Islamic religious cultures, sandalwood is considered to be a most valuable wood and one of the few accepted traditional perfumes.

At the ‘Iliahi Company, we grow mainly the endemic S. paniculatum on the Hawaii Island (Big Island). We are also in partnership with various other entities in Hawaii engaged in the sustainable, legitimate trade in sandalwood products. Based on naturally conducive growing conditions and tree stock second to none, we expect Hawaii to again be in the forefront of the sandalwood trade.

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The'Iliahi Company
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